HERE it is!! Onboard 9.4hp morini onboard ride video!

Discussion in 'Video Gallery' started by nidyanazo, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. nidyanazo

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    Well it's time for a video ride. This is the second time I took the bike out for a little shakedown...
    First time it was running out of fuel so I added a larger diameter fuel line, and swapped the goped tank for the standard one.

    So you can hear the rpms stay the same and the clutch slips and slips up to the fully out position.
    I'm really looking forward to that loosening up and engaging a bit off idle.
    But the instructions are strictly forbidding adjusting the clutch for the first 500miles so.....

    ..Gotta wait.

    But not for the ride- Here's my video :devilish:

  2. Dilly Bar Rob

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    That thing is truly awesome man, I have just GOT to build myself one of those one day!

    I'm amazed at how it just flies even though it's single speed (it is, right?) , but I guess 9.4 hp on a bike will do that :)

    How is the bike holding up structurally? Any top speed?

    Boy oh boy, I'm still shivering, this is now officially my MB wet dream.
  3. nidyanazo

    nidyanazo Member

    There's alot left in it... Only giving it 65-75% throttle max... Still breaking it in.

    It should do 50+ but I may gear it down slightly after the clutch is run in and adjusted, for quicker acceleration and a 45mph top speed maybe. We;ll see.

    I'll keep you guys posted.
  4. Esteban

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    I do not mean for this to sound rude or hateful ! I wasn't going to comment,,, but feel I need to . I hope you live long enough to keep us posted !! I watched your video several times & counted about 8 traffic violations along with the speeding & noise ! This will surely bring attention to the police ,,, which will eventually be the demise of motor-ASSISTED bikes in your area, & possibly ours.
    Be careful , & slow down !
  5. nidyanazo

    nidyanazo Member

    Yes sorry bout that pal.
    And I have ordered a silencer;
  6. Vistaman73

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    Very nice man. LOVE IT!
  7. professor

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    Yikes, watching that video was scary.
    Do you realize how quickly you could get squashed? Or maimed permantly.
    I rode motorcycles when I was your age, looking back, I was nuts, but would NEVER ride thru traffic like that.

  8. flyingpez

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    very nice!
  9. Ben_Tam64

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    Lol, I thought you were a gonner when you sped through those cars.

    Your bike looks amazing
  10. MrShorty

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    That's crazy driving! Hope you have good insurance!
  11. nidyanazo

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  12. KilroyCD

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    That video shows exactly the kind of behavior that is going to garner negative exposure and cause various local, state or even national entities to have a second or third long look at us, with the outcome not likely to be what we desire.
    Just look at your video, cutting between cars, not stopping at stop signs, getting up on the throttle and accellerating hard where it says, "Slow, School Zone". This is completely irresponsible behavior and can do far more harm to the motored bikes community than it would do good.