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Hi guys, my name is Gary Tanji and I have been doing these Chinese motor kits for about three years. If you go to *******.com you will see some of the work I've done on different bikes. I have split the cases on these Chinese motors I have ported milled and tuned these motors and know them inside and out so if you have any questions you can either PM me or go to my site .

Tom your a good man to start this website and apprecieate the effort, one tip I can give is regarding the gaskets, what I use is high temp gasket material I get at Pep Boys, order a gasket kit for templates and your off to the races. Use hobby scissors for cutting the shape after you have traced them from the template I use a Bic pen. To get the holes for the cylinder studs just use a hole punch, you can get one at Staples. These gaskets won't blow out and you will never have to replace the base gasket ever. Intake gasket and exaust do no dissinegrate even if your stuff comes loose.

Regards, smurfer
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Aug 4, 2006
Welcome to the forum!!!

I used a piece of cereal box to replace my intake manifold gasket. It has held for nearly 6 months now, but when its time to replace it again, I will have to use the gasket material you mentioned.

Thanks for joining. I hope you enjoy!!


Thanks Tom for the nice reply I'll post some pics of the material and tools used along with some updates to my rig. ;)