Here we go again...!

Discussion in 'Antique Motorized Bicycles' started by uncle_punk13, Jan 26, 2009.

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  1. uncle_punk13

    uncle_punk13 Guest

    Hi All,
    Today I will be receiving my (vintage) brand new, never used, still in box, with original purchase receipt, Tanaka Tas/ Bike Bug engine kit. I honestly have lamented getting rid of the first one I had, Though it went to a good home and the horse trade was awesome, I wanted another. I have two incomplete parts engines I was occasionally working at piecing together, but now I have spare parts! This engine will go on the same bike my first Tanaka engine kit was on- a 1966 Schwinn Typhoon Deluxe (unfortunately I will have to remove the front Clam-shell rack again, but oh well...), with a Bendix two speed red band automatic rear coaster.

    Slowly over time the museum collection progresses... LOL!!!
    Have fun, and ride 'till you fall out.

  2. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    very cool history piece Rif...
    congrats on your score !!! :)
  3. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    those are some simple cool looking little motor bike engines

    wish they were still made new today -- maybe someday again

    also enjoyed the picture of all your riding friends -- happy looking group

    always fun to ride those motor bike things
  4. ocscully

    ocscully Member

  5. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    would you take 5 dollars for it ?

    yes -- that THING does look to be ridden hard put away wet more than a few times

    but -- can't go wrong with that price
    one would almost hate to ask
    would you take 5 dollars for it ?

    those things are fun to ride
  6. JE

    JE Guest

    Nice Score Rif. Can't wait to see it in person.