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Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by bubbatgs, Aug 20, 2009.

  1. bubbatgs

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    I just purchased a direct drive rim for the rear! I ordered the band brake. I also ordered the 44 thooth gear!
    It is on the hs 50cc motor with a grubee trans! Has anyone had the ability to try this???
    I know it is going to be a dog off the line, but top speed shoud work out to about 48 MPH. ( i am guessing) The 56 thooth gave me 31 mph!
    I have just finished it! Haven't ridden it yet! Will let all know how it works out tonight!:grin5:

  2. mmachine

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    What reduction is the Grubee?
  3. mbudasbmfer

    mbudasbmfer New Member

    44 tooth = about 41 mph

    48 tooth = about 38 mph
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  4. bubbatgs

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    It took a downhill slope to achieve top speed. (after reaching top speed it held it) It made it to 49 MPH. I think the 50 is the next to try!
  5. bubbatgs

    bubbatgs Member

    50 tooth rear gear! sorry.