Heres what I want to do. Is it possible? [Newb to motoredbikes]

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    Firstly I would like to say hello to all the members and staff, I'm new here, and relatively new to motorized bicycles.
    I have an idea in my head but I have no idea if it will work and how I can do it...

    What I want to do:
    Have a motorbike style switch on the left side of my handlebars with turn signal, light and horn buttons. (
    Have a motorcycle horn wired to the horn button
    Have a front and rear solid light wired up to the light switch
    Have a brake light connected to my front brakes
    At a later date add turn signals (not important right now)

    Have all this connected to a battery (12volt??) that charges when the engine runs.

    Is it possible? (I know its a bit outrageous)

    Thanks for your help! :)
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    Of course this is possible! You can easily find all the needed parts on the internet, junk yards, and retailers like Radio Shack.

    You will need a little bit of money to buy, a generator of some sort, a battery, wires/ harness and some basic electronic knowledge to make it all work. I had plans for all this but it got too complicated.

    I would think that the constantly running upper side of the drive chain would be the best place to serve as a generator drive...

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    Thanks for that, I will look into all that stuff.

    If anyone else has some information, I would appreciate it. :)
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    sure is, I used to have a system like that. got rid of it because it was heavy, I've just got 6v bicycle lights and an air horn now.

    I didn't use a generator or alternator since it was all LEDs and it didn't draw much power. I would just charge it on a battery tender whenever it got a bit low.

    I spent about $100 on my system, including a $70 motorcycle battery. you could probably get away with a lawnmower battery or a pair of lamp batteries or something, I just needed something that would fit in my saddle bag (modified 5.56 ammo cans) and still leave room for load resistors, a flasher unit, and some fuses.
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    I'm looking to do this to for my 4 stroke build. From what I've found out lights for motorcycles and scooters are generally 12 volt systems. I'm going to be doing some research on how motorcycle and scooter electrical systems work so I can rig something up to my cruiser. Lights for signaling braking and running are surprisingly not that expensive. A set of turn signals can run for $12 to $20 and a brake/running light is usually the same price as what signal lights go for. The trick is getting it wired up to the engine like how motorcycles and scooters have it and getting everything to attach to the bike.
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    Here is a link for the switches.

    Use a sla battery and a 1 amp charger, you can figure it out, I did, not that hard, and don't forget the horn.

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    I'm thinking about going with LED signal lights for my set up. And I'm looking at getting a 12 volt lithium ion battery and possibly a solar pannel so it can run durring the day or night without drawing hardly any power from the battery that way I just have to worry about replacing the battery when it expires and I'll proabably never need to worry about recharging it.

    The trick would be figuring out how to mount the solar pannel to my bike. I'm thinking on top of the ammo can I plan to use for the electrical (battery signal flasher etc.) I found a few horn options for very low prices. Mounting it to the bike seems very doable, I just would need a bracket I can bend to get the horn to fit. Seems like I can mount it where a crusier headlight would go (the front fender head bolt) and I can get some motorcycle fork mounts for a motorcycle head light.

    For signals, I'm mounting two to my rear rack with L brackets from the hardware store and I'm using morror brackets to mount the front signals to my fork. I also found some good motorcycle mirrors I'm getting to make it 100% street legal. The engine I'm getting does over 30MPH so making it street legal is kinda required.