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    I do not yet have a motorized bike, but am very intrigued! I have been thinking about getting a scooter for months now, and within the last two weeks I stumbled upon the idea of a motorized bike, and instantly thought 'YES'. The idea seems perfect, as a means of transportation, but if the motor or chain or whatever fails... you can always still peddle! My girlfriend laughs and roled her eyes when I told her about the idea... little does she know i've already clocked well over 10 hours researching the idea! hehehehe. Anyways, since I have already logged hours on this site, I figured it was time to join! I do have a few questions that I will be posting in the general discussion part.

    I think my first question is: Do any of you meet up and cruise? I would be interested in knowing if anyone is around in my area that has a motorized bike.

    Thanks everyone, and I look forward to hearing everyone's thoughts and opinions:cool::cool::cool:

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Yeah, get used to the rolling eyes, but take your time and build a reliable transport and that will change, believe me. LOL

    You failed to say what your area is, upstate is a big area. I know I've seen mention here of NY's MB legal status, you'll want to check that out.
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    Ithaca NY... pretty much smack-dab in the middle of the finger lakes region. All i know is from what I have read here... and it sounds like if I stay under 49cc's, i will be ok... But the city of Ithaca does have a 95db noise limit, so I need a bike as quite as possible
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    Ouch... just read that all motorized bicycles... even motor assisted ones are deemed illegal under NY state law. That's definitely a bummer! Honestly, Ithaca is a very free-spirited city, and so long as I am quite, I don't think I will have a problem. But that means I REALLY need a quite ride if I'm gonna pursue riding in NY
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    yup, its all about liv'n the dream for $200...
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    Only in New York

    Can a state diss-allow a reliable, relatively safe means of transportation that promotes increadable gas milage and affordability in a state where the economy is increasingly bad (upstate ny that is)... I am about fed-up with this state, for so many reasons, this included... and its too bad because aesthetically, its a beautiful state. :mad: