hey all you poor people who are obsessed:)!

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    Hey, i have a weird mind and would like to put it to good use!
    it seems we are of a similar ilk!
    i love bikes!
    i guess my question is this: if you were a downhill mountain biker who just wanted to get to the top of the mountain and let gravity do the rest but didnt always have a ride to the top, would you want to find a way to power your downhill bike just enough to make it to the top of the closest hill?(if you steal this thought and make a million bucks, i dont mind, as long as i get a free kit and parts for as long as you are in control of things!!:))

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    LOL welcome
  3. ENO

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    Free Cadillac

    Hey RMX1..ENO (Down Under)..Welcome to MBc..I posted your idea on my "secret ideas site" yesterday and so far have received three cheques..have posted you one...Welcome aboard...Also will send large 300cc motor in next few days as a bonus....Keep sending your ideas because I just bought a new imported Cadillac and about to take it out to run it in...See ya ENO
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    G'day & welcome.
    I see a good idea used all the time by downhillers....it's called,take the train up to the top of the mountain & ride down.
  5. lordoflightaz

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    This is simple. You add a detachable friction drive motor. Also you will need a kite/parasail. The kite/parasail has to be big enough to fly the weight of the motor back down the hill.

    You use the friction drive to get up the hill. When you get to the top of the hill you detach motor, launch the motor on the parasail down the hill. You ride like a crazy fool down the hill pick up the motor and mount it back on the bike.

    I suppose you could rent a heiicopter to get to the top of the hill, skydiving is an option too. Really the possibilities are endless.
  6. augidog

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    you gave yourself the answer...snap the engine into an R/C helicopter to fly itself back down by tracking the bike ;)

    (if anyone needs to know where to mail my checks, pm me)
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