Hey all


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May 5, 2008
Hey everyone!
My names Adam i came from Tasmania, Australia..
Well had a bit of bad luck but was my own fault got caught driving whilst disqualified and yeah going to loose my license for a fair while i reckon and the other day i remember see people riding around motorized bikes and because i live in a city with lots of hill i wasn't looking forward to riding up them haha.. And yeah stumbled across this forum read a few articles and signed up..
Would be cool to make one.. I have a Giant Yukon so im guessing you could put one on there and could someone maybe lead me in the right direction? Im a n00b at it don't know anything about them but pretty useful with my hands so it should be a problem.. Sick of reading yet? lol
Ok well Nice meeting everyone hope to here from you..;)



hello adam and welcome to MBc! good luck on all your endeavors and happy motoring!


Jan 22, 2008
Welcome to MBc! Depending on your budget you got two main options if you want a kit. Frame mount ones are the cheapest, 2 stroke is the cheapest still but is pretty unreliable if you dont look after it, or 4 stroke for a bit more money. Check out Z Box, they are an Australian place that sells them. Or if you got a bit more money to spend then a rack mounted engine that goes above the back wheel is well worth it, not sure if they ship to Tasmania though because they are in America.
Get reading through the forum and before you know it you will be half way to being on the road! It is so much fun! Your going to love it.