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  1. Zizzy

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    Hello everybody! My name is Robert. I'm looking to turn one of my bikes into a motorized bike. The only question I have is, has anyone ever mounted a motor onto a BMX? Preferably a 49cc motor. If so, what were the demensions/model of the BMX? Thanks.

  2. stoppit

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    Yo, fellow noobie here. Don't really have anything to contribute as per your question but I did have one for you. Are you planning on doing tricks on this bike? Just curious.
    Anyway, welcome.
    - stoppit
  3. Zizzy

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    Not planning on doing tricks. I just want a low bike for comfort and such, since I'm short, I'd prefer to mount a motor on a BMX for comfort.
  4. Thatperson

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    Well I'm not sure if it would fit a BMX bike. The frames are kind of small, but you never know. Go here and print this picture out and try it out on some bikes that you are interested in. You might find one that will work.

  5. Rich 240

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    Welcome Zizzy

    That photo template is great. Use a ruler or tape measure when you photograph your bike, that way you'll have a scale on the photo so you can "scale" the picture of the engine to match up with the bike.

    You might also consider using a rack mount on the rear tire using one of the friction drives offered by Staton, Dimension Edge, BikeMotorParts, there may also be other companies, those are just the ones I am aware of.

    I installed a friction drive on a folding bike with a 20" diameter tire.
    See http://www.motoredbikes.com/album.php?albumid=571

    It works great on small diameter tires as long as they are not the knobby variety.