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    hows everyone doing? im aaron, just recently bought a grubee skyhawk gt5. last weeked put it on a schwinn ranger. iv still got some loose ends that need tending but it ridable. vi got plans to swap out the front forks if i can for the forks on my mongoose xr-200 so i can have front discs. hate the way the normal rim brakes feel.

    i also wnat to mod this engine. i know its a cheap engine so the first thigns id like to do is make it more reliable. i was thinking the jaguar cdi, exhaust and better carb. how do i know what carb i have? i know mine does NOT have an adjustable needle and had the idle mix screw caped for epa.

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    Hi Aaron, welcome to Motoredbikes!
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    Here's a pic,

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    did the carb on your bike come w/ the kit? Looks like an upgraded carb with atomatic choke? How are you liking your MB?
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    the carb did come with the kit. it doesnt have an auto choke (still has a lever). i can see where some major improvements would be realy nice (chain, cdi, overall power etc). but for now its just fun to take to the store and back a few times a week.