HEY ! Don't be misinformed about the 66 cc chain/sprocket including the Jackshaft kit

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    No Joking here take my advice toss that 66 cc engine kit chain if you have one on your bicycle with the 2 stroke 49cc or 66 cc I've cut 415 420 3/16" x 1/2 " best one I've seen is the bell 300 1/8" x 1/2". It's fit is correct and is tough and lightweight and furthermore it's not expensive. I'd not mention this to anyone I've likely had no use for and that is likely you so keep in mind if I'm going to put my little speedster up to the starting line for $10.00 to race around the block I won't.

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    have no idea how to parse the grammar here to make sense, but it sounds important to you, at least

    BTW, 415 = 1/2x3/16, 420 = 1/2 x1/4, and 1/2x1/8 = 410
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  4. Robot

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    I'm the only one to post this information on the internet ..
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    anyone disclosing the correct chain size to use on motorbike fall off go too fas...t
  6. butre

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    I have a #41 chain from tractor supply on my bike, I've never had a problem with it. I've got around 1800 miles on my current chain
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  7. KCvale

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    Good for you for proclaiming you are the only one to post disinformation about kit chain sizes on the Internet.

    2-stroke kits have a 415 sprocket and ship with 415 chain.
    The SBP jackshaft shift kit is all 410 sprockets and HD 410 chain.

    415 chain will run on 410 sprockets, 410 chain however will not fit 415 sprockets.

    In most cases the stock engine chain to the first JS sprocket works fine, and then use the kits 410 chain from the second sprocket down to the 410 pedal chainring.
    If you want extra strength for the right side JS chain try KMC HL710 half link chain, very expensive but double tough for high torque demands.
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    On the internet, or on this forum.As Styx would say "too much time on my hands".
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    That's close but you should know That's only one of the popular songs that feature my personal artistic expression yeah in other words my voice all claims are otherwise of every minuet I've marked by recording or being recorded. So hey can't think of a better way to be advised thanks ..
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    Okay, now you really have me confused, butre, KCvale, anyone want to take a shot at translating that one so it has any substantial meaning? I just don't want to read it again to try to find any sense in it.
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    If you want to have a few laughs, David Bogle, then search for some of 'robot's threads and posts.

    But the entertainment value only goes so far. After a while you just find yourself shaking your head. Trying to make sense out of him is not worth it.

    He can be funny, though. I remember seeing a moderator "yell" STOP POSTING! at him not long before he got banned. That's unusual.
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    I forgot about this guy, dude was a total nutcase