Hey Dude, neat hood ornament

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  1. Revorunner

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    You know you are DRUNK when.

    The driver hit the left turn light at 48th Ave. And 27th St. and sheared off the light post at the base, and then kept driving on about 2 km to Squires Four Pub, where he stopped for more beer!! How ****ed do you have to be to NOT notice that you are carrying a lamp standard?

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  2. seanhan

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    That just what that dip stick needs is more alcohol !!!!
    Oh well that was a nice truck..
    Think the city will let him keep the Light ????
  3. POPS

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    I think he just bought the light.
    I had a buddy that hit a light just like that back in the early 90's and it cost him 10.000 bux to replace it and he didn't even get to keep the old one...POPS
  4. Simon_A

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    I have been right royally hammered before (and I knew not to drink) but even to the point of not being able to focus there is no way I couldnt see something as subtle as a traffic light in the centre of the bonnet.

    How could the car drive after that?????
  5. Born2BWild

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    Should have hit a red light camera, now THAT would be ironic... Or moronic..!!

    "Hi Ociffer, I'm just moving it to a better location to catch more speeding IDIOTS..."
  6. etacovda

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    either that or run infinite red lights because 'the one in front of me didnt appear to be working!'

    RATRODER Guest

    I moved this thread here, maybe we should combine all of this stuff into one and call it,( stupid things cagers do) louis
  8. arceeguy

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    Are you sure that the story is accurate?
    I wouldn't think the truck would run when the radiator, fan and accessories are smashed into the front of the engine.
  9. TheOtherStyle

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    the truck will run just fine. its more a matter of for how long. without the radiator, obviously it will overheat. you would be surprised though how long a motor will run without coolant before it pops. it says he went another 2k? if it was a straight shot, its plenty feasible. and odds are that the front end isnt smashed in far enough to have hit the accessories. those things are so grotesquely oversized there is enough room in between the bumper and the motor for a family of border jumpers. only part of that space is taken up by the radiator, fan and accessories.