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    Hey Dudes! Gday fr. Tasmania Australia

    The name's HybriDude. I've decided to kill off my alter ego, HybriPed. Many thanks to augidog for the suggestion.

    A fly-swatting Aussie Gday to all you Dudes and Dudesses (and that means you, sister!). I live in Tasmania, the original home of :taz:

    I'm a commuterDude. I must be the only bloke on the planet who believes that HTs have a future - as a HYBRID pedal/motor-assisted powered bicycle. In the past 2 years I've commuted 9,000 kms with my first HT. It still feels pretty good and maybe I'll get another year and 5,000 kms. I'll keep you posted.

    I'm looking forward to meeting you all.
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    Hey Hybridude..ENO (Oz) (NSW)..Welcome again..Us "Bronzers" are starting to gather in numbers..Go to "Aussie Roll Call" so you can see if anyone else is in the Land of the Tigers. Some think Tassie is the same shape as a "Beaver" because its definely not a "Brazilian" Territory..Also has great apples..See youve done a lot of Kms..Commendable..You cant beat experience..See ya ENO
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    Gday Cobber

    I don't think anyone from Tassie is on the forum. I'm real jealous of the strong contingent in SA, Brissie, northern NSW coast and elsewhere.

    Thanks for dropping by and saying Hi.