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  1. Niteshift

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    So I just spent A cool 75 bucks on a China kit the Grubee Skyhawk 66cc. Thinking about mounting on my Norco Bushpilot, and decided after hours of just being directed and reading here that I would gain so much more if just took the plunge and dove into the pool. I hope that with my working knowledge of 2 strokes and the expert knowledge found here I'm certainly in for allot of motorized fun. Later All. D

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    click on my signature link for a good read
  3. mogogear

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    Welcome aboard- !! And I joined a few days ago too!! Enjoy your journey..I am trying to read and absorb all I can to make my build go smoother. Lots of tips "list" to study.

    Do you have your bike yet?
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  4. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    Is this your Narco Buchpiolit bike?


    That won't be friendly to motorize.
    You might get that Skyhawk in there if you spin your head 180 so the plug points forward.

    The seat post angle is too straight up and down for your carb to sit level with the back mount square to the seat post, which it MUST be, so you will need make a new carb intake manifold, most likely an offset Z so your throttle cable will clear the top bar.

    You will need a new front mount, measure the diameter and you can get a Large Universal Front Mount from http://sickBikeParts.com with the correct size muffle clamp.

    And then of course you have a back disc brake...
    IF the engine will even fit I'd go with a jackshaft shift kit like this similar frame geometry bike with disc's.


    A 2048 wide pic is http://kcsbikes.com/bpics/2_Surley2SmuleR-2048.jpg
    The other side is http://kcsbikes.com/bpics/2_Surley2SmuleL-2048.jpg

    That has a modified intake to keep the carb level and the front mount I told you about.

    Of course you could sacrifice the back brake and mount a direct drive sprocket to it's mount, or get a TopHat adapter to try and keep it, but why?
    It's great to be able to use bikes gears for the engine, and you NEED 2 brakes on ANY motorized bike.

    Last but not least, everything on your handlebars has to go.
    Loose the front derailleur too, you can manually put the chain on whatever front sprocket you want.

    Ideally your clutch lever and a rotary 7-speed rear derailleur shifter are on the left.
    The rotary throttle and dual pull brake lever on the right.

    Just a heads up and some tips to get around the issues.
  5. Niteshift

    Niteshift New Member

    WOW! Quite a read very educational pretty sure I know now how I wish to proceed. Can't thank enough. And no this is my Norco Bushpilot. bike 017.jpg And Quality control expert bike 017.jpg
  6. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    You can go direct drive with that.
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