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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Muckem, May 6, 2007.

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  1. Muckem

    Muckem Guest

    Hey everybody, Brian here from Savannah, GA. I discovered this forum from youtube. I have a motorless bike right now but I have been reading this forum for about 3 days and have learned so much from you guys. I think I am going with a Dax engine. I dont see many mountain bikes here, is there a reason or is the cruiser just a better match? I did see a couple on youtube that were nice. I would like to install my mountain first, then maybeeeeee do a nice custom. Yall keep up the good work, I am very impressed with all the bikes that have been built by you guys and if mine is as half as nice I'll be pleased. Thanks for the info,

  2. Tom

    Tom Active Member

    Welcome to the forum!!

    I have my motor on a mountian bike just because it was an easy install. The cruisers look cooler though...
  3. w31john

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  4. locoWelder

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    Hi ,welcome aboard!
  5. srdavo

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  6. spunout

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    :smile: welcome! you'll find all the help you need here and make friends.
    mine are on beach cruisers, just because i think it looks 'right'
    if this your first build, you may want to check out: Sticky: OPTIMIZE FOR YOUR APPLICATION- set-up Tips-Updated regularly in the General Discussion forum :)
  7. Guest

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    Welcome to the best dang site for motoredbikes- period!

    All I can add to the subject is this- mountain bike TIRES are not very good at speed on the pavement, unless you LIKE the super buzzy feeling of riding a vibrating sander! :lol:
  8. Muckem

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    Thanks for the warm welcome and advice. Dave your bike is awesome. I was wandering about the aluminum bike myself. I always took advantage of power to weight (v8 Vega, v8 S10, Monza), was looking at a kit to put a v8 in a Miata. The bike comes first though, and you guys are great, gonna save me alot of time and headache with all this useful and informative reading. I know now about the different sprokets and gears, I live outside of Savannah, GA so its all flat here. I do like riding on the beach though so a bigger may help me out. Yall keep up the good work and as soon as I get started I'll post some pics.
  9. gone_fishin

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    hiya, Muckem, i'll just post a quick pop-up pic for ya...my mountainbike-style frame on the beach...bike & rider weigh 250+, i have a 44tooth sprocket & have no problem in the sand at all :)


    welcome to the MBc 8)

    (FYI to the group: when you go to "upload picture" if you click on the "gallery" link, you'll be able to view & re-post/insert any image you've already uploaded. to get the pop-up effect, all i did was remove the image tags)
  10. Muckem

    Muckem Guest