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  1. Auron

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    Hi everyone my name is Auron and i live in El Paso Tx, its a small desert border city with everything crammed close together so a bike for me is ideal to get around in

    a little about myself, so 3 months ago i decided to buy a MB from a guy on craigslist because i got fed up with riding the bus and all its BS, it was probably one of the best desitions i have ever made, absolutely loved the way it felt to go fast on the road with the sheer adrenaline rush and having the freedom of easily taking shortcuts and probably best of all no insurance and registration needed

    the bike needed fixing every now and then so i slowly learned little things here and there about MB in general, like replacing a stripped flowernut, learning how shoes on a hub work, adjusting the spokes for less wobble, adjusting the carb float to stop a leak ect.

    so about a week and a half ago some punks broke into my porch and stole my MB and i was totally devistated, i spent countless hours driving around and must have stopped by 10 pawnshops looking for it all week until i finally accepted it was probably gone for good

    So here i am now ready to build my first MB armed with self confidence the will to learn some new things and a U-lock :cool:

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    Welcome Tex ;-}
    Bummer about the loss.

    So what type of bike are you looking to build yourself?
    There are a lot of options besides just a 2-stroke direct drive.
  3. Auron

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    well after doing some homework and taking speed and cost into consideration i decided to go the 2 stoke route, i really like what a 4 stroke can do in terms of going further and saving more gas but i have to go with the 2 stroke, electric would probably come in at a distant third until batteries get cheaper, lighter, and store more juice but hey i don't think that's too far away from now

    from your experience what do you like best and why