Hey everyone. Having clutch problems.

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by kennessey, Jul 1, 2012.

  1. kennessey

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    Hello everyone. New to the moteredbike website but glad I found it. I am having some clutch problems. I have done several GB builds and so far had no clutch problems. Let me rephrase, I have had to tweak the clutch on all of my builds but this is different. When I have the clutch fully released it is not turning over my motor. It feels like it is slipping as there is a slight hum as the bike slows to a stop. It will however turn over the motor when I am going very slow (2-5mhp) which is hardly enough speed to get it to start. Anyone got any advice for me.


  2. masterx1234

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    so your saying you can hear the piston turn when you pop the clutch? well be sure to check your spark plug for a spark, if it sparks then check you fuel line is open, if you can put in more detail i can help you out more
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    ill be on tommorow
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    Same problem engines running fine and it gets up to speed but takes more than a quarter mile to get there if I pull in clutch rooms up and down no problem but when let clutch out rims down to almost nothing bike wants to die
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    See any leaks around the head?
  6. Tm66cc

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    No I'm going to try clutch arm it's not pairlel
  7. Tm66cc

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    That was not the problem