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    Hey everyone! I have been looking around the boards and have enojyed seeing everyones bikes. I rode my friends MB a couple of weeks ago and it was awesome. I would like to start to build one soon and hopefully be up and running in the spring. I will definitely learn from my friends mistakes though. He has a nice nerve crusier that he bought and put the motor. He busted his rear hub and wth him being a heavier guy at the time he had custom wheels built at the LBS which cost $600 and also had them fab up a custom headset. I am not sure of the specifics why he had to do everything but i know he probably has close to $1200 tied up in his MB. I can't decide on whether I want to get a cruiser from the LBS or buy a complete set up from Spooky Tooth. Any suggestions would be great.


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    Hi Hokie,
    WOW $1200.00, might as well get a motorcycle - Mine was...basicaly free. WAIT ...
    $ 25.00 MTN BIKE /$15.00 Weedeater I had all the other asst. **** on hand and da da da duh ! MB

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    Hi Hokie,

    Glad you found us. $1200.00 really is a lot. Though I'll bet he's got a nice bike. Still, you can have on mucb cheaper, if you want.

    Seen you around.