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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by johnnybiker, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. johnnybiker

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    Hey guys great site!:grin: Im Johnny from Tucson, and i just found the amazing world of motorized bikes. I dont have one yet but i will in a few weeks. If anyone has a good suggestion for which to get (gas powered under 50cc) drop a message. otherwise a friendly hello would be nice. Thanks and have a great ride!

  2. Zev0

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    Welcome Johnny. enjoy your stay and we're glad you found your way here. there are lots of us arizonians here.
  3. astring

    astring Member

    I am from AZ also! Zev I was wondering about that question I asked before. Will that R/S33cc go about 3 hours at 20 mph?
  4. stude13

    stude13 Active Member

    hi; go to gebe and read reviews
  5. astring

    astring Member

    he made a comment that they dog out and we both live in the extreme heat (115 today). I was wondering based on that. I did not see any super hot temp reviews there.
  6. Dub

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    I'm riding a a 40cc Tanaka GEBE kit down here in Sierra Vista. Handles the hill's quite well!

  7. Zev0

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    All I can say is that when I bought mine I was told not to run it all out for long periods of time. The 2 strokes are designed for that, but I don't believe the 4 strokes are. If you want to run it for 3 hours at 20 mph, be my guest.

    But this is the introduction area. So this part of the discussion ends here.
  8. astring

    astring Member

    sorry for going OT and thanks for the answer
  9. datz510

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    Welcome to MBc!!

    I'm in mesa, az here..
  10. johnnybiker

    johnnybiker New Member

    I think I

    Its great to hear that so many MBers already live in Ariz. Maybe I'll see some of ya on the road. Happy riding! Just decided on gettin robin suburu EHO35 so look for me if your ever in Tucson.:smile:
  11. vyzhion

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    Welcome aboard to MBc! I'm from Tucson as well. There's alot of us AZ folks here on this board. Don't be shy. PS- I have never heard anything bad about the R/S engines. I hope it works out for ya. ;)

  12. astring

    astring Member

    I hate to go ot again, but since all of the AZ bikers are here I will ask: is everyone here satisfied with the thing of getting huge fines for going 21 mph? If not can we do something about it? i think I will start that thread, sorry (but look for that a thread on this).
  13. johnnybiker

    johnnybiker New Member

    You get a huge fine for goin just a couple mph over the limit? They should definately change that, if the limit is 20 you shouldnt get a fine for goin under 25 but thanks for tellin me before someone caught me (i normally go about 22!)
  14. vyzhion

    vyzhion Guest

    Well its not just for going faster than 20 but what that means legally according to some overzealous law enforcement folk. Basically, if you go faster than 20 mph some cops classify you as a moped and are taking it upon themselves to write tickets for driving without insurance or registration. In some cases they can even write an additional ticket for driving with no license if you don't have a driver's license. Even though the MVD won't register these bikes and no insurance agent will insure them, the law doesn't lay down a penalty for exceeding the 20 mph speed limit so it kind of leaves it open for cops to write all of the tickets if they are so inclined. Just be careful.
  15. azbill

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    welcome from FH
  16. lennyharp

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    Hi from Mesa AZ. Maybe a ride to Tucson is in order soon.
  17. astring

    astring Member

    it should be clarified in the law that over 20 will result in speeding violation only. look at the trread on this, maybe we can fix this.