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  1. kaino(Aus)

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    yo, im from Gold Coast Australia. I ride a old southern cross MB, fitted with a Z66 from Zbox running the Hongua carb (Much better). done a few things. welded chain tensioner in to frame, then made spring loaded tensioner. fabbed up an exaust. And have.upgraded to BMX handlebars. lots of good low end power for what it is.

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    Welcome to the group from a fellow Aussie in Adelaide.

    Cheers BJ
  3. Dave C

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    I am stealing your idea for a chain tensioner mount. My frame's aluminum and I have some 1/4" plate I can rip two bars from instead of a slot in one piece of steel. You really should take a link out of your chain, though.

    Oh, by the way, Hi:)
  4. kaino(Aus)

    kaino(Aus) New Member

    better idea!

    this is my new spring loaded tensioner a couple pieces of 40mmx6mm ali a little clamp, a spring, two few botls and a skateboard wheel with good bearings.

    i did do a ilttle weld to get clearance but u could just bend it. and the skateboard wheel i put on the end of a drill and filed a groove for the chain to sit in. also took out 4 links in the chain.

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