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  1. square

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    Hey everyone, I finally found this site after doing some research on motorized bikes. I'm currently making a road bike with a GX35 and am still debating on the drive train although I'm leaning towards the golden eagle belt drive set up. I've done a two stroke scooter setup (custom) before, but nothing durable enough to last for anything over 2 miles without the tire popping. The direct drive was not the best thing on this scooter. Well, that's all I got for now.

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    welcome square -------- hope that you are up and running soon so as to

    ride that MB thing
  3. terrence

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    Hi Square. Welcome to MBc!
    Ive got the Golden Eagle set up and love it. There is a ton of great bikes here of different styles/engines. We all try to have fun no matter what style. Enjoy.
  4. square

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    Thanks, I am definitely going to post pictures of the build. I am looking at a bunch of bikes that have the gxh50 and Grubee. This is prob the setup that I'm going with. I am pretty sure about the bike too. The Golden Eagle setup looks good, but I'm not a fan of the motor on the top of the wheel. Love the belt idea though.
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    Greetings Square,

    You have found a great place. There is a wealth of information and ideas here, some of the talent for fabrication is almost mind blowing, enjoy. What part of Cal are you from?

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  6. square

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    Hey, It is a great site. Wow, some of these bikes on here are amazing.

    I'm here in Fremont (bay area).