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    Hey guys I'm new to the forum, been busy with builds. Currently working an occ schwinn stingray with an 80cc china motor. The motor was on a road master mountain bike for a few months but after a run in with some rocks in the woods on Tuesday the front end of the bike is no longer strong. Been working these china girl motors in and out for a while now and would be happy to offer (or take) technical advice all around. These two strokes are a lot of work to get completely dialed in but have been very reliable for me. My main motor right now from the MB sports a dellorto carburateur with a 65 jet, which you could live by...I have a hd lightning ignition which blows the stock cdi out of the water. And a few other , better quality knock knacks. Will post a picture of the Mb build as soon as photobucket downloads on my phone .

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    [​IMG] here's a pic of the bike
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    With a bit of research (and good reading time) on the carburation process the 2-stroke Chinese centre mount bicycle engine is fairly easy to dial-in, using the standard NT carburettor, which gives equal power and reliability as to many of the other aftermarket float style carburettors of similar venturi diameter.

    The newer crowded needle roller, big end connecting rod bearing has massively increased the life and reliability of these engines, and my experience is similar to yours when using an aftermarket CDI, though i use the Jaguar version.