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    Hey, I'm Tommy from central Florida. Not much experience with motorbikes, but I do have a good bit of knowledge about gopeds and 2 stroke engines.

    I lost my lisense for 2 years, so I'm looking to build a bike that can drive me 18 miles each way every day. I would prefer to get there as fast as possible so I want something that can move pretty fast...

    I like the ease of fueling a 4 stroke, but the price of the 2 stroke cant be beat lol. If I really splurged I would defiantly want a 4 stroke

    Does anyone know if the sick bikes shifter kit will work on a 4 stroke kit like this?

    Hope I can get one built soon. The bus service here sucks and I hate wasting 3 hours of my day every day riding the bus...

  2. SimpleSimon

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    Good luck.

    The faster you ride a motorized bike, the greater the likelihood of attracting police attention. There have been posts here regarding Florida law governing motorized bicycles - look it up and make sure you know it. If the law says you must be a licensed driver to operate one, you are out of luck.
  3. terrence

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    Hi Tommy welcome. If you have experience with gopeds and 2 stroke engines you will
    fit in perfect with MB's. I dont think the sick bikes shifter kit will work on anything but
    a Happytime (chinese kit) engine. PMessage "Ghost" or "Pablo" to double check.
  4. Welcome Tommy, from the Treasure Coast.........
  5. B.K. Hosken

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    Hey Tommy, I have a Dax 2 stroke I built on a ten speed type bike, it runs well but I bought a Honda for my recumbent bike...if you want it I am going to sell it for $225 or so.
  6. dougsr.874

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    Hello DexMex...go to MyFlorida.com, from there you can look up the Florida Statues, Title XXXlll, ..motorized bikes are not considered motor vehicles as long as they are less than 50cc...no gear shifter, not over 30mph
  7. biken stins

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    welcome from the other corner. hope your on the road soon.