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    I'm so glad i live in Georgia so i can ride my bike all year long. I have built 5 times now and or should i say modify is a key word for building. I have been sticking to the Skyhawk 80 mostly cause i want to stay familiar with one type of motor but having said that i have learned mostly everything i need to know by now. I belong to another forum but i just cant seem to get enough of the troubleshooting aspect. Anyways after all i have been thru in the past 2 yrs with cancer i am getting out the good silver if you know what i mean.

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    Welcome to the forum. Good luck in your battle with cancer. My mother in law is a cancer surviver. Maybe we can come up with a way to use our motorbikes to fundraise for the American Cancer Society.
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    Cancer survivor

    I have been involved receiving chemo and radiation after my operation and i am one of the very fortunate ones to have lived as long as i have without a sign of the beast. I had the same cancer as Patrick Swayzee. Its been almost 2 yrs. and i am just now starting to feel like i wanna do something to give back. At the moment i will be cooking for the not so fortunate downtown but maybe soon we can figure out how to do something with our bikes for a cancer drive or something. Good to hear from ya.