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  1. Sasquilla

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    Hey everyone, i dont actually have a motor bike yet, I was wondering if anyone knows if there is any easy and cheap way to get my hands on something like a Schwinn Whizzer? Or if anyone knows a good motor i could put on my mountain bike.
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  2. elcalvo

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    Hey Sasquilla,

    I don't know of an easy or cheap way to get a Schwinn Whizzer in NH (I am in Portsmouth) but you can get a decent motor (either center-mount like a Whizzer, or rear-mount if you don't have a diamond frame) from www.thatsdax.com.

    You can also build an approximation of a Whizzer by getting a relatively inexpensive Schwinn cruiser, or, like some of us have, a Kulana Moon Dog frame.
  3. Sasquilla

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    Thanks, I'll keep the moon dog in mind.
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