Hey From North Carolina!!!!!!

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    Hey everybody!!! I have been looking and searching on this forum for some time now and decided to join. A few years ago I purchased a mongoose mountain bike from walmart to ride and loose weight. It didnt take me long to figure out I purchased the wrong bike for riding on the road. So, recently I purchased a more road friendly bike, and then I wondered what to do with my old mongoose bike? Hmmmm I wonder!!:whistling: Thats what was on my mind when I found this forum!!! Since then I have ordered a BMP friction drive kit and a honda gx35!:grin5: I can't wait, it will be here next week!!!!

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    While you are waiting for your kit, go out and get that knobby rear tire off and replace it with one with a smoother tread design like the ones BMP shows on their site.
    Friction drives don't do well with the tires customarily mounted on mountain bikes.
    Good luck with your bike.
    You picked a good motor and kit.
    It's gonna be fun, fun, fun.
    Betcha won't sleep much till you get it.
    It will be like an early Christmas present.
    Welcome to the group!!!!!!!!!
    This stuff is addicting.
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    Thanks a/cman! I already replaced the front and rear tires on my bike right after I got it. I was trying to make it easier to ride on the road, and figured a smooth tire would have less rolling reistance on the road. Just another reason I chose the friction drive kit, I already had the tires I needed.