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    i saw these kits around with my own two eyes providing much fun and enjoyment to individuals whom got em'

    and now i have my very own.... haha i bought what was supposed to be an 80cc kit online from zero-pulse on ebay. i have dealt with him before for a big bore pocketbike engine and i was VERY pleased with that when it came. (i still havnt ran it yet. its a second project.... but i know it has at least 140psi of compression.... wahoo)

    so im going to install this engine tomorrow on a brand new bike i bought just for this purpose! its a 70th anniversary edition supercycle beach cruiser!

    any tips on nessassary things to do? i need some guidance i dont want to bolt it all up and ride it a day.... this has to be reliable transportation to my job wich is about a 30 minute motobike ride away (estimated time. its a 10-15 minute drive by car)

    i know about proper break in and such, is it alright to run these babys on 32:1 after break in? or should i really go thicker than usual on the oil with one of these kinds of engines.

    gimmie tips! just found the site, ill be posting alot haha also, if anyone rides pocketbikes they may know me on pocketbikeplanet.com as durkadaaaave


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    Hey Dave, welcome. I'm new here too. Here are some things I have learned about the 80cc engines and installation:

    1. Run the mix as the seller recommends, which usually is 16:1 for the break in period (usually about two tanks) then switch to 20:1. Those ratios equate to 8 oz to 1 gal and 6.4 oz to 1 gal respectively. They also recommend synthetic two stroke oil...

    2. Don't set your drive chain too tight. I run with somewhere between 3/4 to 1 inch of play in the chain. Too tight causes problems. I might also recommend upgrading to a standard #41 chain instead of using the narrower 415 chain that comes with the kit.

    3. Use some thread locking compound on your engine mounting bolts, there's a lot of vibration. You should also consider using some better quality metric bolts purchased locally.

    4. Take the clutch lever cover off and grease the point where the lever contacts the shaft. Take the cover off the opposite side where the gears reside and grease them up good as well. Put a little grease where the clutch cable slides in and out of the sheath at the engine, too.

    5. Install a clear in line fuel filter as one is not supplied with the kit.

    6. Don't over rev it and don't run over 30 minutes at a time until you are past the break in period.

    7. Frequently check all bolts for tightness on a regular basis- again there's a lot of vibration....

    8. I would not recommend running a strait pipe instead of a muffler. My past experience has been that two stroker's need a good muffler to have a long life!

    9. HAVE FUN!

    10. BE SAFE!!
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    word up man! most of that stuff i know about already :p owned 2 strokes forever now (4 strokes are a waste right?)

    i left some slack in the chain, im hoping the roller will last at least a month lol

    on the motor mounts, i used locktite, and some rubber grommets to tame the vibes ;)

    oh, and as far as that nice bling bling chrome muffler goes, it has to get ran through a pipe bender at the local garage because my crank arm hits it :(
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    good, you are already familiar with 2 strokes! I saw a pic recently where someone replaced the plastic roller with an idler sprocket made from a derailleur from an old 10 speed, I think I'm gonna do that too. Anyway, have fun and good talking to you.
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    ah! great idea some of those old idler wheels are metal, you know a downhill bikes derailleur would be the best due to the larger size. (i think id still go with a metal one though)
    thanks alot for the help! you ol' dogs know all the good tricks to teach the young pups haha