Hey from overland park KS!

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  1. mechmanjdd

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    Just wanted to add this little thread introducing myself :p

    I'm Jake or Jacob, 15 yrs old 16 in feb.
    Live in Overland Park, Kansas and look forward to my first build! I'm going to be setting my sites on a schwinn occ chopper, lets hope that I have the knowledge to complete it. It would be of great help if anyone that has built a chopper could answer some of my questions in the general section :grin:

    So hi :D


  2. stude13

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    hi; just go to search and readreadread. good luck. mitch
  3. mechmanjdd

    mechmanjdd New Member

    Thanks mitch,

    yeah I've been wadeing my way through a whole bunch of info on this forum this past week. I think that all this could make a good book, would just require some organizing! :D

  4. stude13

    stude13 Active Member

    jake; that for sure. but some of these folks have have great skills and knowledge. you just have to search it out.
  5. Welcome to the forum, I have relatives in Overland Park you have a nice hometown. Good luck.
  6. mechmanjdd

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    :eek: Why thank you! I love it here, originally from texas it was and still is a breath of fresh air.
  7. frankz

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    happy building and riding .......im from lawrence kansas........but i now live outside of wichita......

    those schwinn choppers are sweet..........i wish they had this stuff when i was a kid........

    good luck......the "elders here" have seen all problems you are at the right place...im a noob also working on my first bike

    just remember.........cars wont watch for you so be very very safe
  8. smokie old bikes

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    Occ Chopper

    I Have Built Four Of Them Have Two Of Them On Hand Now One With A Five Horse And One With A Eight Horse Motor Be Glad To Help All I Can I Was Born In Blue Mound Kansas Now Live In Mn Smokie