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    I'm James, I ride to work when there's decent weather here in the NW, I ride a TLE43 friction drive on a 20 inch racing BMX. Even though we have large hills, I gear it high to hit a 40-45mph top speed without drafting. Good times... I'm looking into a possible 4 stroke Schwinn conversion or a front suspension hybrid conversion, not sure on the drive method, any ideas?

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    yup! ideas galore.

    take yer time choosing. get to know the other PNW builders/riders...come down here for the rally in august, we'll talk :)

    welcome aboard :cool:
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    Good to see another Seattleite
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    good to meet ya'!
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    Thanks everyone...
    I think my next ride will most likely be a 12sp Schwinn (I have the bike) with a front suspension fork and suspension seatpost...
    The BMX is killing me, it's awfully ridgid.
    SOOOO, Steel frame, front road suspension fork, suspension seatpost, the fattest tires the bike will take. Chain drive, because you can't ride often with a friction drive because of the weather. And the GP460 which is supposed to make 4.2HP stock. I don't want to do 50mph, but I want to know I have the option. And I want to have a more comfortable ride.

    Have any of you NWers had experience with a cvt?
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    I almost forgot, when is the rally??
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    Hi James. Welcome to MBc!

    If you search and are unable to find your answers, don't hesitate to post your question. Someone will steer you to a link, or reply to your question. Were here for each other! Enjoy! :grin:
    You may have seen this, but here's a great MBc starter "link" to get you motoring.
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    Thanks Graucho, I appreciate everyone's willingness to help!
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    Welcome - good to see another local!!! Very cool.:grin:
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    what size drive roller do you use on a 20 inch?

    Im about to try and set one up.

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    hi from north bend
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    I'm also curious as to what size roller you're using.

    And that 40+mph speed was clocked on flat ground? And how did you clock it, again?

    I'm also highly recommending against the GP460. It's just too loud for me (and especially my neighbors). Others have built a custom pipe to tame the noise... but I'd rather stick with the TLE43 or perhaps a Robin/Subaru 4-stroke. Nobody on a bicycle needs to be going faster than what they can achieve with a TLE43.
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    Sparky, I currently have a 1.75" drive roller. I weigh 155lbs My bike weighs in at about 40lbs, much closer to 40 than 50. I'm 5'5 and bike and all we're about 200lbs. I had friends driving next to me in a van. I was in a tucked aerodynamic position, on flat ground. They said I was going 42 mph. Auto manufacturers sometimes (almost always) make the speedo optimistic. So 40 is fairly accurate in my opinion. I like the TLE43 but I'm leaning toward a 4 stroke for the environmental and fuel benefits, and the GP because it's NASTY. The money's not there right now so I can't make the decision.
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    BTW, Hi Stude!
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    Yes they do! Last I checked, Toyota was the most accurate, but most others were a few MPH off. Crazy that they can get away with these inaccuracies for so long.

    Well, just so you know... the GP is a 2 stroke, so you won't see any environmental or fuel benefits with that engine. My friend gets around 50mpg on his GoPed Riot and it's sooo loud. He could get much better results on a 26" bike, but he's stubborn. And the Riot does have pretty nice suspension, I can't lie. But if I were gonna get a 4-stroke, I'd get a Robin/Subaru or a Honda GXH50 or somethin' like that. If I wanted the fastest engine possible, I'd get a 2-stroke, like the Mitsubishi TLE43... there's also Tanakas & Rob/Subaru 2-strokes, but I think the TLE43 is pretty much what you'd want if you'd want a 2-stroke. I'm actually a 2-stroke fan now... I dislike the idea of changing the oil, and I like the extra speed that 2-strokes give over 4-strokes.

    There is much to learn, young MotoredBiker!! Read the Crash Course and then read some more.
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    As I recall, Zomby spent some time working with CVT's (Comets I think). He did not like them. Burned up too fast for him. He went to NuVinci. My Lifan engine has an internal CVT (made for a kid's ATV). I haven't had any problem yet, and I've got 1,750 miles on it so far.

    Oops. Welcome to MBc. (I forget my manners sometimes)
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    just learn to love the "man & machine" of it all...

    single-speed & pedal-assisting rocks, it makes me feel like superman :)

    let's not rule out the tanaka purefire 40cc.