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    I've already made a couple of posts, but thought I would go ahead and introduce myself. I've been reading a lot on here for the past couple of weeks and I have a 49cc HT on the way. It will be my first MB, but hopefully with all of the information available here it will go ok. I plan to use it for my daily commute to work from which I only live 3 miles, but with my silverado gas is still costing me a lot of money.

    I live in a small town and I've seen a couple of other people around with motored bikes. One is a rack mount and the other has what looks like a trailer attached to the back that pushes it. Next time I see them I'm going to introduce myself.

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    hello,& welcome ,i'm from west tennessee, here. i've been riding these for a while.which part of tennessee are you from? what kind of bike are you installing your motor to? just take your time, & ask lots of questions , lots of good people, ideas, & advice here .
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    I'm actually from West TN too, Lexington to be exact. I'm installing the motor on an old mountain bike, nothing special. It was real cheap and I got it because it looks like the motor should mount easily without any modifications. Hopefully it will hold together.:?:
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    welcome to the site
    I'm also from west TN, Memphis to be exact. I've got one of the 70cc motors on an old mtn bike and I LOVE IT! already got about 60-75 miles on today. I'm just cruisin' around letting people see me on it, someone is going to want me to build them one also;)