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  1. popaWheelie

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    hello everyone...
    I am a former pro cyclist.I live in philadelphia.just starting in moterbicycleing. I'm excited
    with the possability .
    does anyone make a motor bike that is efficient in pedal assist?
    are there any motor bike races?
    A friend participated in this past death race and is responsible for getting me into this.
    I am currently in the process of designing and building a couple of bikes
    a two stroke as well as four stroke.
    thanks tom for the welcome wishes....


  2. lucas

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    welcome. i'm like you cyclist most of my life. i use mountain and road bike frames. maybe when i'm 60 or so i''ll switch to a crusier sit back and relax.
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  4. wheelbender6

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    A shift kit from sickbikeparts.com will allow pedaling without drag from the engine clutch or chain.
    A friction drive setup with a lift clutch allows good pedaling.
    I'm not an accomplished cyclist, but I did complete an MS150.
  5. Timbone

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    You can do a pedal bike AND motorbike, too. 2 Words: Masters Nationals!
  6. KCvale

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    If you want to use your Lance Armstrong legs most of the time as well as with motor assist, think electric.

    No gas engines are drag free though a 4g 4-stoke type outdrive with a freewheeling big pulley or output sprocket is pretty close.

    An electric ties to a freewheeling pedal sprocket assembly and has a freewheel sprocket for virtually no drag with no motor power, but twist the throttle a bit and you have bionic legs even if you don't want to pedal along.

    Just something to consider.