Hey guys, check out Rogue Bikes

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    Nov 4, 2006
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    wow!! haven't i seen those bikes around before? maybe someone else posted the link elsewhere?
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    Davidinblyth posted a pic of one of their bikes in one of his earlier posts. One of the ways you can tell a Rogue design is the centered bottom bracket/drivetrain....Kelly
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    There are some very attractive design elements there.
    I don't think I've seen custom frames prettier than Vanilla's in Portland though.
    They use classic geometry, so I'm not comparing the two, just rolling with the custom coolness theme.
  5. We have seen a couple of those pics before in the gallery. I thought Davidinblyth was posting pictures of his own bikes in the Gallery not other peoples. The neighborhood in the background sure didn't look like Blyth. But for Newport Beach it fits.
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    Cool site, I almost want to ride a skinny tire bike after that. Those are beautiful bikes, I didn't think anyone made lugged frames any more. The price is a bit much though, frames starting at $1700 and the option that got me was to have their name polished is anither $60. I would love to have one in my stable but sadly it wouldn't get the use that it deserves...Kelly
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    If you have any dought on who the bikes belong to contact James @ Sales@Roguebikes.com
    and ask who builds the bikes with him
  8. If the bikes are yours fine... The Background page on RogueBikes.com does not mention a Dave as being involved. I checked thinking you might be part of it. The pictures were obviously taken in NB and not Blyth. Pictures that are easily downloaded by anyone. All the pictures disappeared from your gallery and the only thing left was "Later". Just seemed to me like all the signs of a Hit and Run Forum Faker. If not my apologies, but I am sure you could see where the evidence I can see over the net pointed to that. Just put an engine in the white one. Then post us a pic. It looks like it would be a lot easier to do then the blue one. The limo frames work really well with the 70cc Chinese engine you have. All you have to make is a front engine mount. And it already has the small Harley 883 Tank that will be one nice bike and it just looks like it is begging for an engine. Hell it is almost done already. Lets see it!
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    Cool bikes

    Forget these cheesy Chines engines. Need to put a Kawasaki H2 or, H1 engine in that bad boy.
  10. That would be perfect on the blue one it already has the motorcycle wheels and a wide enough frame.
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    That would be so cool.
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    thats the same name as my friends shop in tucson but theres is rogue cycle works.
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    They are a chinese made Honda knock off. There is a guy that lives in a neighboring town that deals with Pagsta and I have looked at them for possable bicycle applications. The engines seem to be of good quality and he told me that they have the original Honda molds and if you need parts jou can go to the local Honda shop. The problem I found for our bikes is that they are wide, you would have to kustom build a crank to clear the cases. Also there seemed to be alot of electronics on them which would entail having a full electrical system...Kelly