Hey guys, could really use some help.

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    I'm new to this site and motorbikes.
    I'm running a 66CC two stroke. I think it's Japanese.
    It seems when I ride my bike at night, that my engine is getting too much gas.
    During the day it runs fine.
    At night after I run it for about 50 ft it starts to bog down like it's running out of gas.
    Recently I tried turning the gas off while it does this.
    When I do the engine gains more power and runs till the gas is empty from the carb.
    then starts to bog down again, so I turn the gas back on.
    Vicious cycle. Haha
    Like I said, I don't have this problem in the day-time. Only at night.
    If someone could help me, or point me in the right direction, it would be most appreciated.

  2. coexist123

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    Something else

    Something else as well, I've been having trouble with the carb since I got it.
    I had a problem with gas leaking from the air intake.
    So I've taken the carb apart twice and cleaned it.
    Once I clean it, the problem stops for a few days, then starts back up again.
    I've resorted to leaving the gas off until the engine is started and turning it off just before I finish riding.
    I also live in a very dusty town in the desert... If that helps at all

    Thanks again.
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    Are there extreme temp differences or humidity? this can cause all sorts of little quirks :)

    What fun would these bikes be if you never had to learn something about them
  5. what filters are you useing.

    sounds like there is a difference in daylight an night.

    were are you as there maybe someone from the same area that has the same problem and worked it out.
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    Off the wall question. Are you using the white wire to run your lights?
  7. motorpsycho

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    there are a few different things that can be going on.
    #1, as stan mentioned, if you are using the white wire to run lights, disconnect it. using he white wire to run lights will rob power from your magneto, giving you a weak spark.
    #2, if the temp during the day is (for example) 75 degrees, and then it drops to 50 degrees at night, you will have problems. Air temp changes will drastically affect the way your engine runs.
    there is nothing that daylight or the darkness of night will do to change the way your engine runs. it has no idea if it's light out or dark out.
    in colder air your air-fuel mixture will be richer (more gas than air) and in warmer air, the air-fuel mixture will become leaner (more air that gas).
    your float could be sticking as well, but day or night really wouldn't have anything to do with why it's sticking.
    if your engine gains a bunch of power right before it does (with the gas shut off) it's because the float bowl is running out of gas and the air-fuel mixture is becoming extremely lean. if your engine is bogging and sputtering, the carb could be flooding over.
    one thing i foiund with these carbs is that the floats tend to stick sometimes. if the float gets cocked at a werid angle it will stick and never close the needle & seat which will cause the carb to flood over.