Engine Trouble hey guys firerider here,have a star fire gen11 58cc still wont start

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by firerider, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. firerider

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    hi guys back 4 more help,origial problem bike don't start.

    thank u jaguar 4 ur input,I have a star fire gen 11 58cc from king motor bikes.bike set in rain one day brought bike inside was hard starting next morning. rode bike about 2 miles and it shut off would not restart.after reading different post i discovered a bad magneto so i replaced magneto-cdi and spark plug. Had sweak spark after futher investigating i founded blown head gasket. replace gasket-cdi-magneto and plug. bike ran for 5 min . I stopped the bike because idle was to high,went to restart bike again no spark ,check magneto and cdi found bad again. Used flute mutimeter 2 check components as out lined in the trouble shooting section, dont know what to do from here other then buying new motor can someone please give advice.


  2. firerider

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    :bowdown::bowdown:Question is can a blown head gasket knock out the mag and cdi have replaced 2 cdi's and 2 magnetos found gasket burned and cracked blowing out air.
    ready to buy another engine don't know what to do.

    can anyone help please?
  3. professor

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    I see no connection between gasket and cdi.
    Talk here was that acorn nuts do not allow the head to be torqued properly- replace with regular nuts if yours has them.
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    thank 4 the input professor,am just spell bounded after replacing 2 cdi 's and 2 magnetos to find i have a blow head gasket. Really at this point don't know if i should buy the parts again / with new plug or buy another.