Hey guy's new to the forum, the names CLUTCH

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    They call me CLUTCH because my 66cc motor clutch is F###ED and im really angry because i don't no how to fix it...

    The Problem--
    When i put my clutch on the back wheel locks up as if i didn't even have the clutch on!
    i took the clutch casing out and tried to fix it no luck if anyone has had the same experience please help

    otherwise i'm new to the forum and i love my bike's!

  2. wheelbender6

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    Welcome to the forum. There are many on this site that can tune those manual clutches.
    Alas, I'm not one of them. I gave up and got a centrifugal clutch (auto) from one of the engine vendors and was happy ever after.
    I may have just gotten a bad clutch with my engine or I damaged it myself, so don't give up until you try some of the suggestions from members.