Hey guys!! New to the forums!

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    Hey guys!

    Im 19 years old and live in Seattle, WA. I was just browsing online and came across motor bicycles and literally spent about 7-8 hours looking up information on them...:rolleyes7: I wanted to build one myself but have absolutely NO mechanical skills whatsoever... :-/:-/

    I ended up buying one with a custom paint job because I LOVE blue.

    Its a 66cc Grubee kit (I believe...) and just added a new shaved head and a booster to it. Im REALLY interested in adding signal lights to it so if you can be of any help, PLEASE DONT HESITATE!

    I love riding it and am learning so much through the threads on this forum. I have been helped by very generous people already =)

    Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this website. All of your help is greatly appreciated by the newest and oldest people in the forums.

    THANKS !!! :grin5:

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    Welcome looks like you got the bug. Ha ha just kidding.
  3. Nice bike, keep an eye on the fender bracing and for bolts loosening. I would put some locktite on all bolts that i could,if not done already . Lots of fenders coming off with bracing failing from all the vibration of being motorized and wadding up into tire and throwing the person over handlebars,so be careful...They are a blast to ride arent they. Welcome to the forum.