Hey guys, this is my second post, but I still need a good bit of help!

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    First things first, I really like this bike, except that I would like it to have a 49cc, 4-stroke kit on it. So... a road bike with cruiser-style handlebars, correct?

    So, do any of you know anything about this bike? A 1989 Schwinn Prelude? Would a 49cc, 4-stroke kit fit on this, and then I could put some cruiser-style handlebars on it?

    And if so... does anybody have any suggestions for kits? Or for any other bikes on CL in that area, maybe? My budget is: I want to spend around $500 to $600 to get started, bike and kit, and I wouldn't mind a couple other small purchases down the road a bit to make it better/more reliable. This will be my main form of transportation, and not a side project, so I am trying to buy quality, and do it right!

    Also, I've been told I should probably get something with a steel frame?

    Sort of a vague post, and pretty similar to my other post, but I just am still having trouble deciding on what I should do, exactly.

    Any and all help is very, greatly appreciated!!
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    naw, ive seen road bikes with the tall top bar have 4-strokes. im getting a 4-stroke kit this friday and putting it on a tall mountain bike. will report with my thoughts to u
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    On a lot of four stroke builds you have to use the wider pedal crank, do some measuring before you decide.
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    Did you ever build this bike? If not and you still would like to have one built let me know I can build you one.