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    Hi, my name is Dillon, and like all of you I'm a biker. I decided to join this forum because I found myself coming here time after time when I had problems with my bike. I usually would search google and see a link from motored bikes that's about my problem. This site has helped me out with my bike more than any other site has and I'm glad to now be a part of the community. I'm happy to see that there's such a big community on these awesome bikes!

    We are the biker gang of the internet!

    Glad to introduce myself, Dillon


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    Welcome, Dillon. I haven't been around here long myself. Though I joined the forum several years back, have not been active in posting. Just when I needed help. But I have learned there is a ton of accumlated knowlege here that you'll find nowhere else and the greatest and most willing to help guys I have ever experienced. I have a 66 cc Skyhawk and am not much of a mechanic, but you'll find here exploded views of a carborator or the piece by piece breaking down of an engine. Unbelievable. Hope you enjoy this great bunch of experts as much as I have in the last few weeks.
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