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    Hello my name is Jason im 29 years old and i have been building and motorizing things most of my life. i have build many motorized bikes but never did get any pictures its been a few years sense my last build, i had to get a few things out of the way first. so i found a girl got married had a baby and have one on the way, oh yea i forgot and my wife and i build a janitorial business. as you can see i have been busy but things have slowed back down a bit and im starting to remember all the things i love to do, so its back out in the garage for me.

    I now have a lincoln 3200weldpak wire welder/flux for now, and almost any tool i could ever need(maybe not) so im starting a friction drive project with a poullan 2.1cu/34cc chainsaw like brand new and a pile of bikes. after i get that one done its off to a chain drive with a 26.2 ryobi with a centrifucal clutch.

    any way just wanted to say hello to everyone.

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    looking forward to some pictures of your build

    you couldn't stay away for long -- and still have your tools -- it's all good

    as we ride those MB THINGS