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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by amanofgreatevil, Aug 22, 2007.

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  1. Need some help here, since I'm new to this "motor attaching to bike thing" It would be fun to do for a business. And of course a joy ride around. I really need to know about the "CC" I dont know what this mean, and horse power... I want my project bike/scooter to be a speeding machine by a simple gas engine. So yeah... I dont know what kind of motor I should get, I wanted to get a really good one from the motor bike brands but one problem they are too much for my pocket. So I'm planning getting a cheap and good engine, I can even take a broken one. But I dont know what kind I should get... I hear about that if i just swap on the engine to my project and start it.. it would never idle... Any idea where to get a good engine, and a "idler" or whatever they call it.

    Much thanks, Nick

  2. gone_fishin

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    again, you're gonna either have to read all the new posts/answers you get here, or read all the answers that already exist...so...either way you have to read and learn.

    cc means "cubic centimeter"

    now go get started on yer education...there's a ton of information already here for the beginner.
  3. Hi Nick,

    Welcome!....In answer to your question regarding engines...I've gotten mine from Duane at 'thatsdax.com"....He gets my vote on where to buy engines from but there are obviously others out there that sell them. Have fun reading the forums!

  4. Alright thanks augidog I am doing that now, I just need to find something really fast and thank alot for telling me what cc is.
    To andyinchville1, thank you for posting this website. These engine are in such a good deal. How fast did you go? 40 mph? Im just wondering that all cuz I wighted like 150 pounds. Thanks and have fun too.
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    yaknow...a guy could get awful suspicious of too many basic questions...you were given a link, & on that site is the answer to a question you just asked...if you're in such a hurry to get answers, quit posting and start researching.

    then, when you learn something new, or make a decision, or whatever...come back to this thread and let us know about it. you'll be pleasantly surprised at how many people will be interested to hear about what you're up to :)

    see? that's how a project works...we encourage, but you do the work ;)

    and, someday, you'll be telling the new guy to "read everything, it worked for me!" :cool:
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    Evil! If you get into a hurry without knowing what you're doing you'll end up with a busted piece of poop which will be discouraging and may well ruin your experience with your first MB. Get crackin dude, you've got a lot of learnin' to do!
  7. Ok guys, I learned my first lesson and thanks. Right now I'm going slowly on my process.
    I tell you my plan later (when I'm done with my project).

    This maybe a little different but it still a bike (chopper kind)
    Here the things I got, a mountain bike, one scooter, one big car tire, one skinny tire (children bike tire), a lawn mower engine, a spring from a real motor bike, a heavy duty chain, and a home made leather seat. I just got all this stuff in neighborhood junk, so im putting it all together. Btw right now, I'm adding a supercharger and a no muffler to the lawnmower engine. So that should give it more power, it a idea.

    So I let you guy know when I get this done, and will take some pic too.