Hey I have a couple quick questions

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I'm brand new to the motor bicycle scene, so I need some expert advice.

I recently lost my license because of some dumb cops that sat in some bushes and watched me chug a 40 on my porch. Being my second underage, I lost my license for a quite a while.

Also, recently, I got a real tight landscaping job over in makefield (a 35 minute drive). The job had everything I needed- except for the ridiculously long drive. So I've been doing my best to get rides, but at least once a week I've missed work from this no ride situation.

I talked to my boss.

He said "Motorized bicycles under 25 MPH are street legal here in Pennsylvania, why don't you take this here week's paycheck and dun get one of those hoosynannys"

I looked at him oddly, raising an eyebrow, wondering what a hoosynanny was, but moments later it didn't matter because what he just said finally registered in my mind.

So, I went on eBay, and purchased one of these bad boys.


Lets look at my stats.

Total paycheck: $300
Total price: About $200 (shipping included with that)

And now I'm left with $100 and I need a bike to install it onto.
I've been looking at this hoosynanny:


It seems somewhat legit. I wanted something comfortable, so I thought a cruiser would be nice for that 50 minute drive to work. Any reason a mountain bike would be a smarter decision? This hoosynanny is 26", just like they said the engine would need in the eBay description... But is the frame the right type? It looks like a V shape, but its got like a little extra tube that I feel might screw my things up.

My goal is to make as little modifications as possible so I need the best fitting bicycle... but cheapest... bicycle.

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Now that I've researched these bikes I'm really pumped to get one for recreational purpose, but if anyone can help me it's not just for fun, its for the well being of my wallet.

The end.

Oh yeah, and what kind of miles does an engine like this usually get in its life? I'm hoping its going to last me a year or so, doing about 60 miles per day. Is that too high of an expectation?

The end- for real for real.
"MBc EDIT - This post contained content that is listed in the MotoredBikes.com rules as unacceptable."

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