Hey I just Bulit my First Motored Bike!

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    Hello my name is Luis. This is my first motor kit I put on a bike. My Pops is the one who got me in to this. He got me just a old mountain bike and his motor that he put on his personal bike. it was just the regular china kit. and I got some extra parts too but they didn't even work the coil was missing the metal part that clips the spark plug and the link on the chain was bent and with no key lock. so I just took off the parts from my dads bike. I was having a really hard time and especially since I wasn't to familiar with this project. putting it all together was a mission since the frame and the bike was a little different in a couple ways and the hardest part was getting the sprocket on! it was a pain in the hole!!! it wouldn't sit straight with the rim! I tried everyway I could! I even use my dads tire that already had the sprocket on put that went really wrong and I broke off two spokes. the chain would keep on falling off the sprocket and it was damaging both rims .I just ended up putting the other sprocket on my rim and it was a success . I had a problem with the tensioner but I mix and matched parts and I got it working. they told me I got to break in the motor before the power gets to the fullest . and I was wondering if that is true? and is there other ways to get more performance for my motor?? thanks to whoever can help me out!!

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    Hi Luis, welcome to the forum from SoCal. :grin5:
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    Where did you buy this kit? Who are the they that is giving you instructions about power and break in time? Are they sending you the missing part? Have you got it functioning with the parts you used from your fathers kit?
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    Well I'm not to sure Where he got it from I think from a guy that owns a shop. Well it came with a manual but I have been reseaching online. And I got it running good now. I'm just trying to do some upgrades on it like I changed the spark plug wire to a car one I need a new fuel line because mine is leaking. And about the break in every one mention that you need to go though that in order to get the full power. My dad has a slant engine on his right now and man that thing fly's and didn't need to break in. But they told me that after break in my should be even faster. I still want to change spark plug and cap to ngk. And last thing I'm having trouble with is tensioner I thighen it as much as I could but it sometimes pulls in to the spoke of the tires