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    hey all im currently trying to mount a lawnmower engine to my bike. i would like to run a clutch however i have been finding it difficult to find a suitable clutch. basically its a briggs 3.75 hp with a 7/8"/22mm crankshaft. i purchased the engine only. i would like to run it vertically and use a pulley to friction dirve it but i would like to run a clutch to have it run at idle. basically i need to have the complete thing that would take the camshaft have the clutch and then out put some similar thing be it a shaft or cog or pulley etc.

  2. amehel0

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    also i need the case and averything
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    Hi Am, there was a post a couple of months back on the same idea. Don't think it went anywere. Huge problems to overcome. You might be able to put it on a trailer and do a pusher.
    You need to gear it down with a jackshaft, where are you going to get a 7/8 clutch? Some of these vert. engines absolutely will not start without the blade on.

    Without the blade you need one with the heavy flywheel. Give it a try- bolt down the engine and try to start it. If it kicks back and tries to break your hand- you have one that needs the blade- sell it and get something more suited for your use.
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    As professor said, it'll be a nightmare build with a vertical shaft. Not a good engine choice. Hope you didn't pay too much.
    (I guess by 'camshaft', you mean 'crankshaft'.)
    You really should consider something with a horizontal shaft that can accept readily-available parts. You'll save money and avoid headaches.
    In horizontal crankshaft 4-strokes, from what I've heard, the Honda GXHnnn series are hard to beat.
    (Mine's a 66cc Chinese Happytime 2-stroke - the tinkerer and rev-head's choice.)
    I vaguely remember the thread that professor referred to - in that case the builder was trying/using a belt drive, twisted 90 degrees to get a horizontal drive. Not sure how it ended - the OP stopped posting.

    ... Steve
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    it starts up ifne and only occaisonally tries to break my hand i paid 150 aus for it. im gonna run it without a clutch. seems to much of a hassle unless the ocmet clutches suit my application