Hey I need some help. I'm a new guy!

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    Hey everyone. My happy time engine is going to be on my door step in about four days. I picked up a cheap cruiser from walmart to use it on. I was just wondering if this would have enough space to fit my "80cc".
    Here are a couple pictures of it. I know my room is a mess. And I put my face in one for size comparison.
    This is a link to my wally world bike.

    I just want people to judge from experience if this is roomy enough. It is a 26' bike.

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  2. softride

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    engine fit

    I would say it may well not fit it look like it will be tight if it does
    it would have been better to get the size of the engine and then check out some frame dimensions first but as you have your motor on order its a bit late that front tube may be a problem can you return the bike if its walmart should be no problem .
  3. bluegoatwoods

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    I mounted an HT engine in a 24" bike frame, but it was very tight. Yours looks like it has less room. So that's a bummer. That bike might not work. But as softride pointed out, return and exchange for bigger bike shouldn't be any problem. Then you can build your bike and ride. Have fun.
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    Don't worry I got a new one. It easily fits
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    Ride That Thing -- Ant27
  6. I did the same thing, i bought a next avalon looks like the frame you have only with full suspension. On line it looked like alot of frame space ,once i opened it up and tried to put my 70cc motor on lol...no way. so I too bought another bike a moondog. Good luck