hey I require some hints/help :D please

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    ok i have a GT avalanche 3.0 2006 with a grubee GT5 66cc motor and 38 tooth rear sprocket

    i started out with a grubee 49cc, i did about 900kms on it for it to break the clip in the gudgeon pin and score/destroy barrel and piston

    the guy who sold it to me helped replace the parts and yet another 900-1000kms later it did the same just this time the pin scored one side than travelled to the otherside and embedded itself


    the guy tells me it may be because i may have damaged the original crank and i would need a new engine :icon_cry:

    i've done about 350kms on this new 66cc engine and it seems to be fine, except at about 40-45km/h the engine vibrates like **** and i'm worried bout snapping engine mount bolts
    any ideas why it does it? its at many 60% throttle and it does it :icon_cry: i wanna do 60 or more

    i ride about 250kms a week for 25-30 min bursts, will doing such big distances hurt it and should i give it a breather? i have been while its still fairly new

    another one too :jester:

    can i run the exhaust without the endcap? will the loss in back pressure hurt the life span of the motor? i know it has 100% more torque :devilish:

    Thanks ppl

    all opinions will be read and taken into account