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  1. lowJoe

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    Hey im joe from indiana! ive bulit and ride my first bike and love it!! Ive got so much usefull info here i had to join!!! My bikes a lowrider rat bike! 24" frame with a 66cc gbf motor.

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  2. lowJoe

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    Iv got more pics in the gallery!
  3. biken stins

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    Hi lowJoe.
    Looks like you did a good job.
    Will look at your pic's before i ask about tensioner and front brake.
    How does that exhaust work for you ?
    Nice ride.
  4. lowJoe

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    thanks!the exhaust is great im going to make one that goes down in the future but for now its fine great power still, i dont think its hurting anything. we just took some links out and did away with the tensioner. now the break is no good, i need better stoping power! just the coaster and i dont think its working to best it can, we have a u-bolt through the sprocket and frame so ive got play on my crank enough to push back to stop. this bike can't pedal because of the pull start and the pedels hit the ground so a wide crank kit is out of the ? due to the length of the crank iv seen so far. but im still working on it and am going to try to put a hand brake on the rear but my frame is a 24 and ive got 20" wheels so im going to make a bracket that will let me do that, should'nt be too hard!