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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Junster, May 22, 2009.

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    I was just doing some poking around and found this. Was it just a suprise just to me, or did any of you know that Cadillac had put their brand on a comfort bike? Not bad either front suspension, disk brakes, Lifetime frame, suspension seatpost, big frame size selection, free shipping. Look at that frame it screams I'm way comfortable to ride.

    "Hey what kinda motorbike is that?" "Oh.. it's a Cadillac" lol

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    No, I didn't know that Cadillac had put their name on a bike.

    And the price isn't hardly bad at all. Looks like a good deal, just waiting to be motorized.
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    Yup, and GMC and Jeep and Kawasaki and a number of other OEMs that brand their products. Most of these come from the same three bicycle factories in Taiwan and what I've seen they are a bit better than stuff from mainland China.

    I've seen bikes branded with with every sports franchise and many college logos as well.

    With patience, one can sometimes trace the lineage on these and find deep discounts available, closeouts, remainders etc. IE: I just picked up two new, branded Columbia (sportswear) comfort bikes that were made for Iron Horse in Taiwan for 60% off original MSRP.
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    I've been searching all morning, thinking about bulk buying Weinmann rear wheels, Pyramid Thornproof tubes, Mirrycle mirrors and tire liners. 5-10 units of each.

    But I just can't find much of the online savings when shipping is added, considering the discount I get at my bikeshop.

    On bikes, I sure would like to find the source for good multi speed cruisers and comfort models, I know prices will rise like they did last year when gas prices rise. I'm familiar with Treks and Suns, but have done a few Columbias.

    What are you doing to find these closeouts? Something like an e-Bay alert?
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    Ya I been looking around and saw there are alot of different "brands" out there. I just thought it would be very cool to have a Cadillac..
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    Yeah, Caddy has been putting thier name on bikes for several years I know ! I almost bought one of their comfort bikes for my mom's Christmas gift about 4 years ago. Chrysler also has several PT Cruisers. I haven't seen to much of Jeeps and Chryslers lately. I'm curious as to weather they've quit making them and if what I do see is left over stock. Some of the Cadillacs, Jeeps and Chryslers get up into the 4 digit price range ! Cadillac has a few models with Nuvincis on the back side too ! One last note, Target used to sell Cadillacs, I don't know if they still do or not.

    I just checked Target. There's one model of Cadillac bike on their web site !
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    Hope it's now like my caddiliac !!!

    Fell apart at 60k mikes
    and everything cost $ 1500 to fix !!!!
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