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    What’s up guys Dr. Doom here lol, I'm Just some kid from N.J. any neighbors? So anyway I'm mounting my second bicycle engine onto my Raleigh. I’m going through the transition from a 70cc ThatsDax engine to a 62cc. There’s a lot of useful facts on this site. Don't wanna get mixed up with some roomers that end up being ****. -After owning my 70cc for about 2 years I modified the exhaust pipe so I’d have more horse power. It Worked!! a little after a week I learned the importance of the correct compression, of air or something with the exhaust... the engine slowly overheated or just wasn’t right after that- That’s history, it doesn't work. I say my 62cc engine is the future of something fun and stupid at my town. Adding my presence to the site
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    Welcome to the forum!
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    Welcome aboard.

    You're right about a too unrestrictive exhaust; it'll ruin a two stroke engine. Sorry you learned it the hard way. But these engines are pretty inexpensive, so I guess it could've been worse.
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