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    Hey so I guess i have to make this thread, I've been heavily involved in small engines for a while (Very extensive goped stuff, I own 8) and so I figured I have everything else with a small engine, from rc cars to scooters to motorcycles, I better get a motorized bike. I think I'm starting out with a pretty good bike, electra custom with the fake triple clamp and suspension front end. It has a crossbar that is kind of in the middle of the frame but I checked the clearances and it should fit. Now I'm trying to to find the right engine, I have probably 6 extra goped engines lying around but I was looking for a few more cc's (but if there's one thing I've learned more cc's doesn't mean more power). I have a friend with the grubee kit and it gets going pretty good, I'm going to have to get it shipped to oregon first though. I'm looking right now at the three angle fire grubee skyhawk engine kits from piston bikes. So should I use one of their kits in the first place, and which one to get? Thanks. Engine kit price should be 300 or less, gotta get one of my ped engines ported so I need to divy up my money right now.

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    and do chinese engines like the grubees have the same rep in the bike world as in the goped world? Seems to be a lot of people with em here and they seem to actually have a brand, in gopeds the nameless 43 and 49cc engines have a terrible rep. I actually just saw a goped engine in the top pictures that slideshow through, zenoah g43l on a luggage rack. I'm lucky enough to own a 43, great engine.