Hey! Newbie from Troy NY

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    Hi guys.

    I just got to Troy for college, and there are alot of hills.
    So I got a cheap bike from the local bike rescue, a columbia usa racing 10 speed. Cheap as hell. I want to try fixing it up a bit and install an engine on it.

    Something like this, but nowhere as new looking

    Never seen a frame like this before. Is it possible to install those 80cc engines from ebay on this, or no go?

  2. bluegoatwoods

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    I saw a photo of a happy time engine mounted on that type of frame 5 yrs or so ago.
    So it's possible. Just barely. But it's not recommended. If nothing else, the engine will sit awful high. And since I've never heard of another one since, I'm willing to guess that there are other issues.

    One of my first MBs was built on a Columbia ten-speed frame. It was easy to change the front forks to a shock absorber type from a mountain bike. And I just barely managed to squeeze a mountain bike wheel and tire in the rear chainstays. It was quite a good bike. But maybe that's beside the point since it sounds like your bike is a 'girl's' type frame.

    But you can get a bike that's right for the job cheap enough. A simple (no rear suspension) mountain bike or a beach cruiser are the easiest type to motorize with a chinese two stroke.

    You can get a Huffy beach cruiser from the Beast of Bentonville for about $100. I'll stress Huffy because they are built surprisingly tough. I do have some lingering doubts about the long term strength of the rear coaster brake hub on mine. But everything else is a lot more stout than I would have believed.

    Best of luck and have fun.